Is It Just Me?

Pardon the personal intrusion of this subject matter, but I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer. And, apparently, neither can those of you to whom this entry is directed.

For your (you know who you are) benefit I’ll start with the basics.

Public space is different from private space. And by public space I mean any area you do not control who enters or exits, and which space – inevitably – will be frequented by others. These other individuals are, in fact, people.

Now that we’ve defined public space in general, let’s give an example, shall we?

Public restrooms: many of which accommodate more than one person at a time. And let’s just get this out now – no one wants to use a public restroom. No one looks forward to spending any length of time there, but we are all grateful they exist.

So in this very public of spaces –  you choose to carry on personal, and sometimes lengthy, phone conversations! Seriously?

If you want to invite your contact list into the bathroom with you at home, you go right ahead; that’s your private space. But guess what? Public restrooms are public because I’m in the stall next to you!!! I have no interest in sharing this time with you OR the person on the other end of the line.

Let’s resolve today to respect this space we share with others and acknowledge: there is no phone call so urgent you must take it or make it while sitting on a public toilet.