Creating Positive: Day 19 of 21

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling a bit grumpier than usual this week because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. And, we all know it’s because Razor can’t hold it until 6am like the rest of us. But Razor doesn’t intentionally do anything to hurt, or to upset, or to anger, or to disrupt my life in any way. In fact, Razor has just one goal in life, and that is to bring joy, happiness, and love to the people he cares about most. When it was apparent to me that no amount of effort on my part to be productive was working, I chose instead to invest 20 minutes of my afternoon curled up on the couch with Razor. I’m not sure what the return on that investment is, nor am I going to try and quantify it. What I do know is that the far-reaching positive impact of having Razor in my life far outweighs any minor inconvenience a middle of the night potty break creates. Pets, and the indelible imprint they make on our lives, are on my mind today as my sister Julie’s heart is permanently marked with love.

The Other Three

  1. Exercise – nope
  2. Meditate- done
  3. Kindness – done


  1. Pinterest
  2. Snuggling with Razor
  3. Warm fire on a cold day
  4. My mother’s thoughts
  5. Teachers who focus on my daughter’s needs
  6. Dr. Debra Monroe‘s profound impact on my life
  7. L’s love of guitar
  8. The love Donkey brought to Julie
  9. Foggy night walks in the park

Positive Experience

My friend Cheryl, who champions all sorts of amazing introspective, reflective, and far-reaching discussions, started a 30-Day Photo Challenge earlier this week. Naturally, I opted in. Today’s weather was rather gloomy, and overcast, and the temperature had dropped significantly from yesterday’s 80, so my thoughts were centered around hot tea and being at home when I drove past a bush in the midst of its spring glory, oblivious to the fog, cooler temperatures, or complete lack of color within a three-mile radius. Since my intention for the photo challenge is to capture images that to me represent beauty, I had to have a picture. Standing in front of the bush, the fact that I was parked in a stranger’s driveway and walking across their front yard, simply melted away. My heart in that moment (I envision much like the Grinch’s) grew a little bit larger.