Artistic Talent

My entire family is gifted. Growing up I was surrounded by seven siblings who were all doing and creating amazing things. Artistic things. All five of my brothers are artists; two of them even made careers out of this favorite family pastime. I’m giving you fair warning not to invite the Lindsay boys over for a game of Pictionary unless you want to lose. My dad is an artist, too. You should see some of the envelopes he adorned that carried love letters to my mother when they were courting.

Sunday afternoons you could find a handful of children sitting around the kitchen table drawing for fun. Dad used to bring reams and reams of used copier paper home from the office for us to draw on the backside (recycling even then), and we went through those stacks of paper almost as quickly as we went through cereal and milk.

Watching in amazement as my brothers easily drew whatever came to mind and with a seemingly unlimited supply of subject matter, I always grabbed a stack of paper and a sharp pencil, too, but usually just sat there uninspired until I opened a coloring book and drew a replica of what I saw on the page in front of me. Nathan (who may deny this, but it’s true) even commented one time that I was such a good drawer and why didn’t I draw like that all the time? What he meant was that I did a good job copying someone else’s handiwork without being very creatively-minded on my own. He was being kind.

During a recent trip to Hollywood Studios, in Orlando, Florida, I took a drawing class from a real Disney animator (one not related to me, with all due respect to my brother Nathan)! He walked us through the step by step process to draw our very own picture of Carl from the movie Up! and I couldn’t be more pleased with my picture!

It doesn’t have to impress you because you’re not the one who grew up thinking she wasn’t good at anything because her stick figures weren’t even recognizable. (That’s a true story.) But the fact that this picture is now stuck on my bulletin board directly in front of my desk is significant. Granted, it’s not original. And it’s not even in color. But it is my own and looking at it reminds me that deep inside me might yet reside an artistic gene waiting to break free and create something amazing.


  1. Debra Steward says

    Hi Arminda – You might be interested to know how talented Mom-Mom Lindsay was at cartooning. I have several she drew for me when I used to visit her in Myersville, then later in Michigan. I will look for them in my “archives” and scan them to send to you. I do think it’s genetic, as I also love to draw and do calligraphy. Nathan has such a cool job too – how fortunate in life to have a “job” that you truly love and because you like it doesn’t seem so much like work! Have a fantastic day! I am very much enjoying your postings. Deb

  2. Peter says

    I’m glad to see you post your great picture! Gifted writing is also one of your many creative outlets. You got the gene.

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